Meet Chauncey

Hello, my name is Chauncey Peltier.  I am the oldest son of Leonard Peltier.  My father is Turtle Mountain Chippewa and my mother is Fort Totten Sioux.

I worked 27 years as a hod carrier and certified rigger. After retiring from Local 296, I was self-employed and then due to my concern for political prisoners and my father's fight for freedom, I began working as the Director of Peltier Art.  I also took on the additional role as co-director of the Indigenous Rights Center (home to the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee).  All of my time is dedicated to creating more awareness of the injustices being inflicted on my father.   

Leonard has been incarcerated for over 40 years for protecting the land, the elders, women and children. He is 71-years old, diabetic with a stomach aneurysm and still being held in a maximum security prison.   His imprisonment has been one of the most controversial Native American arrests in history and it is way past time for Leonard to come home.

When I talk to my father, the only thing he wants is to come home and paint and work on old cars.  I am determined to make that happen.  

Come out and support this very important cause.  Your participation will go a long way in aiding Leonard.

Help me bring him home.


Chauncey Peltier