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Call to ACTION

YOU Can Write to:


Warden Charles L. Lockett

USP Coleman 1 P.O. Box 1023 

Coleman FL. 33521   


  1. Request that Leonard be transferred to a medium security facility following a full medical review at outside facility,

  2. Request support for release on parole.

  3. Write to Leonard at Coleman and tell him we haven't forgotten about him.


White paper and white envelopes only.


Leonard Peltier #89637-132



P.O. BOX 1033

COLEMAN, FL  33521 

   Peltier is incarcerated in a Maximum security federal penitentiary despite having long been eligible for transfer to medium security and eligible for parole. Leonard's age, health and prison record should have been enough to get him transferred to a medium facility years ago.

   In April 2017 a BOP management variable preventing his transfer  'expired" which was leftover from an incident while imprisoned in Pennsylvania at  Lewisburg Penitentiary in  2012,  -  there is no reason BOP can give for keeping him in high security prison.


   His transfer to Coleman USP, which is over a 1000 miles further from his home at Turtle Mt, was also punishment for the Lewisburg event. BOP guidelines are that a prisoner will be housed within 500 miles of home/family. Coleman Prison is currently on over 25th day of general lockdown, which is expected to last through this week.. Prisoners are only out of their cell 1 hour a day and are living on substandard food. Leonard is diabetic and unable to control his blood sugar levels due to lack of proper dietary needs.


   Leonard's health issues are paramount ,and getting him to a less stressful and safer environment will ultimately be most beneficial to his well-being. 




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